30th Anniversary

The historic building was demolished long ago, but the legacy of the Hip Hop youth center prevailed in those kids. Thirty years later they gather to celebrate the Los Angeles politics of youth culture.
A Stage Of The Arts, Inc. production, in association with Milagro Film Works, and Advo-Pop Media.

Sunday August 11, 2013. 4 to 9 PM
L.A. Levitt Pavilion, MacArthur Park, 6th and Park View Streets, L.A. 90057
Recording Artist Egyptian Lover; Poppers Mr. Animation, Lil Coco & Hannah Pop, Jeckle n Nickles, TicTac, Chuco; Breakdancers Airforce Crew, and Eastside Breakers; DJs: Hazze, and Jack Monforte.
MC Carmelo Alvarez; Graffiti Art Crews: K2S, STN, MAK, UTI, CBS, WCA… and more   FREE

1980’s, MacArthur Park was a battlefield arena for new chemical drugs, and there was the gang control venture over the traditional homies of Mid-Wilshire. Stage Of The Arts, Inc. was founded 1982 and presented theater shows at an storefront theater by Bonny Brae Street. The Radiotron Club was born.
Summer 1983, performer storyteller Carmelo Alvarez came back from New York to his MacArthur Park neighborhood.   Carmelo became a youth cultural advocate, and lead Radiotron to procure their own building: The Radiotron Youth Cultural Center by Park View Street, where the legacy of popping and graffiti art exploded into the breakdancing fever of Hip Hop decades.

Stage Of The Arts, Inc. mission is to promote and develop multiethnic, international arts and cultural awareness in the City of Los Angeles, and to establish programs for research and community development, providing working space and affordable housing for artists, including traditional arts forms as well as communication technology based on computer applications.

Thank You for promoting Los Angeles contemporary.

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Stage Of The Arts, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) California Educational corporation founded 1982



30th Anniversary Radiotron




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